Online casinos are the new trend in online gaming today. Many people are wondering how they work and if they are different from land-based casinos. Find out in this article the essentials to know about online casinos.


Nowadays, online games, especially online casinos are very much in vogue. These are the new forms of gambling that exist. To this end, there are strict rules and commissions to supervise and monitor the evolution of this new form of gambling all over the world.
It should be noted that today more than eighty (80) countries around the world recognise and tolerate online gambling and it represents about 35 billion dollars in the world

How online casinos work

On these sites, you have the traditional physical casino games with the difference that you do not leave your computer at home. Thus, you have the opportunity to play against real people online with a payout rate almost equal to that in land-based casinos
Admittedly, there are some risks of action that may occur with some users of these platforms. However, one thing that makes these online casinos attractive is that you have the option of playing live with your gaming console.

Technology used by online casinos

What reliable online casinos are indeed the use of software from the leaders in the gaming industry such as Amaya Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming and Realtime Gaming.
In order to make the transactions the broker uses optical character recognition (OCR).
So, these direct online games, as long as they are on the net, require a lot of investment because they need dealers who will take turns, a technical director and several heads of tables without forgetting a technical team for the online assistance.